KwikChex provides investigation and verification services that deliver accurate online information about businesses.

For businesses, that means we can tackle online defamation and distortion extremely effectively. We also help protect consumers and take direct action against fraudsters. We have been delighted to have assisted many victims of fraud and deceit – from individuals maliciously attacked online to major businesses who have been misrepresented.

We have been featured in several hundred articles and television and radio broadcasts in over 20 languages and have members and clients across the world.

We have been directly responsible for getting thousands of refunds and resolving disputes with online companies. We have even gone to court, appearing as a witness in support of clams where consumer protection laws have been broken.

Correcting distortion and verifying their true business standards. And of course, we have probably most famously had many fake bad reviews removed - on several cases, even identifying the authors.

From fake online reviews to serious scams - identifying the sources and exposing those responsible.

KwikChex in the news

KwikChex has featured in hundreds of news articles, TV programmes and radio broadcasts across the world

What businesses say

KwikChex have been defending, enhancing and using good business reputations to win customers online since 2010

What consumers say

Thanks to KwikChex, consumers have avoided being scammed - and many that have lost money have had refunds


The team at KwikChex is always delighted when we restore rightful reputation and score another victory against online defamation and malice. When our clients and their families are put in danger and don't get the response they should from online publishers, it makes it even more rewarding. That's why we appreciated receiving the following words from our clients.

"We searched for someone to help us resolve a TripAdvisor issue years back when TripAdvisor refused to remedy the situation where a post attacked the physical stature of an employee.  That is when we came across KwikChex.  We made a call and actually talked to someone who assured us that I was in the right spot to manage our business' online reputation.  They took the bull by the horns, the problem has been solved and TripAdvisor knows not to mess with us again!  Thanks, KwikChex!"

"You are definitely the REAL BEST! The false review has been deleted.
When in trouble.. as said many times..good having such reliable expert friends to give a help as you do.
Huge thanks."

OB, May-15

"I am a happily married man but I could kiss you and everyone there right now. If I can be any use for publicity please feel free. Don't know how I could be used but right now I'd have your name tattooed on my ample man chest!

Thank you so much on behalf of myself my wife and most importantly my son. Huge weight off all our minds.

Huge thanks again,"

"I contacted Chris Emmins at KwikChex after I had heard him interviewed on BBC radio. My company was in the process of being targeted by a former employee who had set about an extensive email and internet defamation campaign. I am no IT expert but with Chris’ expertise and guidance we were able to establish a route which established the true character and history of the individual concerned subsequently forming evidence which was passed over to the police.
I hope never to have to contact Chris again [!] but I know that should that be necessary he will be my first call. I have recommended KwikChex to others and will continue to do so in the future.

TP, Mar-16

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