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Timeshare Council – Warning

It has come to our attention that a business calling itself Timeshare Council and using the website has been cold calling consumers – some of which are registered with the Telephone Preference Service. Their methods are deceitful and unlawful.

They appear to imply that they are representing the registered company Timeshare Council Limited – company registration number 02513123, which was incorporated in 1990. This is a fraudulent claim.

The website deliberately withholds information regarding ownership and other details required by law.

We advise consumers contacted by persons purporting to be from Timeshare Council to report the matter to Action Fraud in the UK Telephone 0300 123 2040 or use their online reporting system –

Advise Action Fraud that a business is passing itself off as a registered company, making unsolicited calls with suspected stolen data and provide any further details you have of any conversation that took place.

Our Timeshare resources:
Timeshare Task Force
Timeshare Business Check

Clarification re the scope of The new RDO timeshare helpline, managed by KwikChex as part of the Timeshare Task Force

Data from law enforcement agencies and details received by KwikChex via the Timeshare Task Force resources show that the majority of consumer complaints being made within the greater timeshare and long term holiday products sector’ concern the following.

  • So called timeshare alternatives; where it is claimed that substantial discounts are provided by paying very large fees upfront. These include the products often known as ‘Leisure Credits’.
  • Illegal ‘bait & switch’ practises where timeshare owners are lured in with promises of ‘legal help’ and are then duped into buying another product.
  • Poor or fraudulent offers of assistance with timeshare relinquishment,  claims and resales.
  • Unsolicited contact by phone (‘cold-calling’), text message and emails.

Because these are the great majority of complaints received by Action Fraud, Trading Standards and KwikChex, this is the key focus of the Timeshare Task Force resources.

Of course, some consumers do make complaints or express concerns about traditional timeshare resorts and products, including RDO members. These too are unequivocally accepted by KwikChex and the same diligent processes followed. Some cases are quickly resolved to the satisfaction of consumers. Where this is not immediately possible and it concerns an RDO member, they may be passed (with the consumer’s permission) to RDO’s Consumer department. RDO has a mediation and arbitration service to resolve cases under their members Code of Conduct. However, KwikChex continues to monitor such cases and to provide further assistance if the consumer wishes. This is independent of the RDO processes and is subject to scrutiny by Trading Standards.

In all cases, where resolutions are not quickly achievable, KwikChex will advise consumers as to their further options. These may include assistance with using the UK ‘Small Claims’ court processes, claims under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act, or where these are not practical, advice to consult an expert and qualified lawyer. The latter is often the advice given if the case involves for example, parameters that may be within the scope of the Spanish Supreme Court decision primarily regarding ‘perpetuity’.

Any consumer contacting KwikChex with concerns regarding a RDO member is made aware from the outset that the free services being provided under the Timeshare Task Force initiative are being funded by RDO and RDO members and it is emphasised that they are of course, free to seek additional or alternative assistance from other sources, such as UK Citizens Advice or a solicitor. This information is also transparently published on the relevant websites managed by KwikChex.

Timeshare Task Force resources helping bring prosecutions

Clarification on Sunday Times advice regarding timeshare claims

On 5th March, the Sunday Times published a response to a question regarding timeshare claims in Spain.

Whilst the general context of the reply regarding a Spanish Supreme Court ruling was correct, the writer went on to recommend that contact for further advice should be made with The Timeshare Consumer Association and also gave contact details to a ‘Timeshare Compensation’ business. The response claimed that consumers would get ‘independent advice’. Our own evaluation is that would not be the case as both sites mentioned are connected to businesses that have been the subject of consumer concerns and media coverage suggesting that extreme caution is advised.

Comments explaining the concerns were submitted to the Sunday Times and emails sent to them alerting them to the issues, but no action seems to have been taken by the Sunday Times to date. The content of the comments is published below.

A clarification note regarding the two websites / organisations mentioned in this article. 

The Timeshare Consumer Association (TCA) was sold to a company named Tolmex Ltd., which was owned by Mark Rowe, who also owns a number of businesses such as The Daily Mirror investigated this thoroughly and cast doubts on the independence of the TCA – see article was the subject of an undercover BBC investigation, which showed that consumers seeking advice on timeshare relinquishment were persuaded to buy other holiday products which claimed to provide discounts and were purportedly a ‘financial investment’. See the link to the BBC article –

The site is also under the same ownership through a business named ABC Lawyers Ltd. See Companies House profile –  There are no legally trained persons in this business. 

Jodie Beard, who is described as “Head of Timeshare Compensation’s legal department” is in fact the ‘Marketing Director’ of the businesses controlled by Mark Rowe and has no legal expertise – see her Linkedin profile – 

Consumers are advised to take these facts into consideration and to exercise diligence by carrying out comprehensive research on the businesses involved.

Customer Testimonial

Testimonial from a consumer that has had over £2000 returned to her after KwikChex intervened in a mis-selling case

‘I would like to thank you all again for your help in this matter. I always received an answer immediately with expert advice, also with great understanding. Thank you again.’

Mrs C, Feb-17

Note – no fees are charged to consumers seeking help regarding timeshare and related products by Timeshare Task Force (managed by KwikChex).

Consumer testimonials

2016 Year ReviewSuccesses for consumers right across the spectrum

Here is what consumers had to say about KwikChex during 2016:

Timeshare Task Force Testimonial

Can’t recommend these guys highly enough. If you have any issues with timeshare, holiday clubs etc. get in touch for impartial advice FREE. Their help enabled me to get a full refund of monies paid out for a product I didn’t want or need but was pressured into buying.

Mr M, Nov-16

Timeshare Task Force Testimonial

I have had no further contact from ITRA, thankfully, after they returned all my documents. I have now been released from (my timeshare) at a very low admin cost so I am relieved with that.

I have no objections to helping others if I can and have appreciated the help and information given by yourselves and Mindtimeshare who gave me your contact details.

Mrs B, Nov-16

Timeshare exit success

Another thank you to KwikChex from a couple that wished to exit their timeshare due to poor health. This was achieved for a low cost administrative charge (under £400) and once again demonstrates that consumers should always check with a trusted source as to their options should they wish to exit their timeshares as there are often no cost or low cost possibilities – and in some cases even sales of the timeshare are possible.

“Just a note to let you know that we have accepted the offer from our timeshare company.
We will certainly be glad to get closure on this matter.
Without your wonderful team we would still be in the same situation.
Thank you all very much. Keep on doing your good work.”

The assistance from KwikChex was provided free of charge as part of the Timeshare Task Force initiative. All consumers receive free assistance and advice from KwikChex thanks to funding from RDO.
Alternatively and additionally, free advice can also be sought from Citizens Advice and local Trading Standards Officers.


Timeshare Task Force Testimonial

Having experienced a timeshare issue and having been totally mislead by Timeshare Release/ITRA/ECC, I was lucky enough to come across KwikChex – a reputable company who help consumers like me with timeshare issues. The responses from Chris and Gemma were quick and extremely helpful: their advice has been invaluable . For the first time in months, we have piece of mind. For anyone who has timeshare issues, you should make KwikChex your first port of call for professional, friendly, and honest advice.

Mrs M, Oct-16

Timeshare Task Force Testimonial

We would like to express our grateful thanks to KwikChex and staff member Mr Chris Emmins, for the help and understanding of our situation involving a Leisure Credits company.
During a visit to the offices of the Leisure Credits company, we were asked to pay a deposit towards what would be the full cost, which we duly paid. Sometime later we noticed in the ‘small print’ that this was payment for a Tablet and a book of discount vouchers, and not for a deposit at all.

We contacted KwikChex for their help and advice regarding our situation. We were relieved to have the understanding and expertise of Mr Emmins who explained the procedures they would take, and who kept us regularly updated.

The Financial Ombudsman became involved which resulted in the return of the ‘deposit’ we paid under false pretenses.

We cannot speak more highly of the help and support from the above.

Mrs G, March-16

Timeshare Task Force Testimonial

Thank you KwikChex for helping get my 88-year-old father’s money back. He was clearly taken advantage of and had been mis-sold services costing him nearly £5000. With advice from KwikChex, and the template letter they prepared for us, we were able to recover all the costs from the credit card company. This was a real bonus as we thought pursuing the money would be a lost cause.
Mr S, Feb-16

The Third Age Trust / U3A bans adverts

KwikChex in the capacity of its role leading the Timeshare Task Force, recently received a request for assistance from the Third Age Trust, a registered charity with over 360,000 members dedicated to promoting and assisting education for those no longer in full time employment through the U3A Movement.

One of their members had responded to an advert in the U3A magazine for They had then been pressured into buying ‘Monster Travel Credits’. This is a bait & switch technique operated by Hollywood Marketing SLU, based in Tenerife and is the company behind Monster Travel and Sell My Timeshare. A recent report by the Direct Marketing Commission (DMC) highlighted the practices of Hollywood Marketing and recommended that their membership of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) be terminated – see report here

KwikChex is now assisting their member with a refund claim – and The Third Age Trust has confirmed that they will no longer accept advertising from

Timeshare Relinquishment / ‘Legal Action’ rogues ordered to repay victims

Neil Mendoza and Michael Girvin, who were convicted in December 2014 of offences relating to misleading consumers, have been ordered to pay £30,000 and £100 respectively.

Mendoza and Girvin used typical scare tactics, falsehoods and pressure to persuade timeshare owners to pay monies for assistance that was not actually being provided.

See details of the news article –

Timeshare Business Check Profile for Neil Mendoza

Timeshare Business Check Profile for Michael Girvin

Direct Marketing Commission responds to complaints about Hollywood Marketing, Tenerife


A report has been published by the Direct Marketing Commission (DMC) which is highly critical of the businesses owned by Hollywood Marketing SLU. It recommends that Hollywood Marketing’s membership of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) be terminated.

The DMC carried out a lengthy investigation after being contacted by KwikChex, acting in our role leading the Timeshare Task Force. It contacted affected consumers and other organisations, including a UK Trading Standards Officer who has been dealing with complaints from consumers.

Their conclusion was that the practices of Hollywood Marketing and its principal brands – and Monster Travel breached the DMA code of conduct, citing four rules that had been broken. The report details several aspects of the operation, including what would be termed as ‘bait & switch’ methods between SellMyTimeshare and Monster Travel – the promising of one service which is subsequently replaced by the sale of an unwanted product. It also casts doubt on the value of the ‘Monster Credits’ product.

The report also reveals the scale of the Hollywood Travel operations with the figures quoted for selling Monster Credits over the last two years appearing to exceed £100 million.

UK consumers that have been affected by these operations can report them to:

For the full DMC report click here

ASA Uphold Complaint against Timeshare Solutions Ltd


The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has upheld a complaint submitted by KwikChex regarding Timeshare Solutions Ltd

The investigation by KwikChex was carried out as part of activities by the Timeshare Task Force which KwikChex manages.

The investigation by KwikChex challenged whether the testimonials by “Steve”, Mrs P Swift, Vicky Tomgue and Mrs Wilson were genuine because they understood the same testimonials appeared on another website for another timeshare claims company under different names.

The ASA acknowledged that Timeshare Solutions said they held contact details for those who had given the testimonials. However, advertisers need to hold documentary evidence to demonstrate that testimonials used in their advertising were genuine – contact details for the people who gave them, and that testimonials must relate to the advertised product. The ASA requested evidence of the original testimonials together with the contact details. Timeshare Solutions were unable to demonstrate the testimonials were genuine or that they related to their services. Therefore, the ASA concluded that the use of the testimonials on their website was misleading.

The ASA therefore upheld the complaint and concluded that testimonials must not appear again.

The details of the ASA adjudication can be found on the ASA website –

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