The Resort Development Organisation (RDO) is the European Trade body for vacation ownership, encompassing usage types such as timeshare, fractional ownership, destination clubs and condo hotels.

Its members, which include resort developers, exchange companies, trustees, management companies, resale companies and finance providers, represent the best in European vacation ownership and are committed to high service standards and integrity. They are bound by a code of conduct and an independent arbitration scheme, providing levels of protection beyond those required by law.

The RDO Code of Conduct

The RDO Code of Conduct attributes additional rights to consumers when dealing with RDO members, which do not apply when consumers purchase from non-members. The new Code is accompanied by an Alternative Dispute Resolution Scheme (ADR) which allows consumers to have a cost effective alternative form of redress.

For full details, please click here

KwikChex & the RDO

KwikChex is working in partnership with the RDO to provide an additional level of consumer reassurance and resources to check information found online regarding timeshare. If a business is an RDO member and you wish to raise concerns, please contact the RDO directly –

The RDO Complaints Procedure can be found on the following link – you have already contacted the RDO and have concerns about the way your enquiry or complaint has been handled to date, please contact KwikChex –

RDO Members

The full list of RDO members is available on the Timeshare Business Check website –

The Timeshare Business Check website (part of the Timeshare Task Force, managed by KwikChex) is a free service for consumers with problems and concerns – including assistance and advice re timeshare relinquishment, refunds and law enforcement – visit now to get help.

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