Timeshare is the annual right to use accommodation during one or more weeks in a holiday property or several properties.

20 million families owning timeshare across the world

Timeshare is most often offered as a higher quality alternative to hotel and individual, self-catering based holidays – providing the benefits of expertly managed resorts with extensive facilities and service, combined with more spacious, better equipped, apartment (or condominium) style accommodation.

It is offered in various forms, with the basic principle of buying fixed weeks (a set time reserved every year), floating weeks (which have to be reserved and are subject to availability) or points.

More flexibility is provided by the use of exchange systems, which operate on a global basis, enabling timeshare owners to swap amongst 5316 resorts around the world.
Timeshare ownership is purchased for agreed, usually long term periods by means of a one-off payment. In addition, annual maintenance charges are usually payable as part of the contract.


Timeshare is a particular and popular way to enjoy holidays. It should never be considered a financial investment type product.

The Timeshare Business Check website (part of the Timeshare Task Force, managed by KwikChex) is a free service for consumers with problems and concerns – including assistance and advice re timeshare relinquishment, refunds and law enforcement – visit now to get help.

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