Resort Development Organisation - Mitgliederliste jetzt auf TrustChex

The Resort Development Organisation is one of the first trade organisations to feature on the new TrustChex resources being introduced by KwikChex.

The full RDO members list has now been published on the TrustChex website.

TrustChex provides fully verified online information on businesses for consumers – and for featured businesses, the means for consumers to raise any concerns they may have that they feel have not been addressed by either the company or a participating trade organisation. These have been welcomed by consumers that have used the service and is helping achieve faster resolutions when needed and a reduction in overall complaints against participating companies and KwikChex members.

The Resort Development Organisation is the European Trade association for the vacation and timeshare industry in Europe and whilst its main focus is in representing the timeshare industry and its members, it has a consumer policy that enables consumers to seek its help if they have a complaint about an RDO member. This service is provided free of charge.

The TrustChex resources help to strengthen this role and provide an extra level of reassurance for consumers by further establishing that all members are operating within the relevant consumer laws and applicable codes of conduct.

The full list of RDO members is published on the TrustChex website, along with a link to the TrustChex ‘Concerns about a company’ facility.

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