ASA hebt Beschwerde gegen Solution for Timeshare auf


Die britische Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) hat einer Beschwerde von KwikChex stattgegeben, die sich auf Solution For Timeshare/. The complaint includes the Swedish version of the site Slapp Din Timeshare

Die Untersuchung von KwikChex wurde im Rahmen der Aktivitäten der Timeshare Task Force durchgeführt die KwikChex verwaltet.

The complaint challenged whether reviews on the sites were genuine – on the basis that reviews with the same wording appeared under different names on the two sites – a clear indication of review fraud.

Connected websites and businesses

The following websites were also traced as being connected by IT traces and phone numbers.

Law of Timeshare

Release Your Timeshare

It is noticeable that none of the sites publishes information about ownership, legal entity details or contact information – a breach of law under the Companies (Trading Disclosures) Regulations 2008.

The ITRA connection

In addition, follow up investigations revealed links to the ITRA (International Timeshare Refund Action) operations.

All of the connected websites can be found on the Timeshare Business Check website –

Many of these connected sites also breach such laws – and are connected also with actions taken by the UK authorities in 2012 –

ITRA was itself the subject of a related upheld ASA complaint in 2011 –

This again clearly demonstrated the link between ITRA and the notorious ‘Club Class businesses.

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Die Details des ASA-Urteils finden Sie auf der ASA-Website -

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