Neuester TimeshareTaskForce Kundenbericht

KwikChex assisted this consumer with with a Section 75 refund for a deposit made to Monster Travel.

I would recommend the advice KwikChex has given us. The timeshare resale scam which led us to losing a large amount of money, came to a wonderful conclusion today when our section 75 claim was granted and a complete refund was given to us.

Thank you KwikChex for your help and wonderful advice, a great weight has been lifted off us. Two months of feeling like an idiot for falling for this scam can now be healed.

Well done to the KwikChex team, keep up the good work. We need to work hard to get rid off companies like these.”

Mr & Mrs D, Nov-15


Hinweis - Für Verbraucher, die bei der Timeshare Task Force (verwaltet von KwikChex) Hilfe in Bezug auf Timeshare und verwandte Produkte suchen, werden keine Gebühren erhoben.

Beitrag von Editor