Neuester TimeshareTaskForce Kundenbericht

KwikChex assisted this consumer with a chargeback claim to Monster Travel.

“I have just received a letter from Vanquis Bank regarding my claim over the transaction of £500 to Monster Travel.

I was delighted to be informed that the chargeback was successful under the Visa Rules and Regulations and that further action is not needed as the case is now closed.

I cannot express strongly enough how grateful I am to both of you and KwikChex. Many times I was going to chuck the towel in but you never gave up, your professional way and the time you gave my case was fantastic, I was in serious trouble and without your assistance, I dread to think.”

Mr & Mrs H, Nov-15


Hinweis - Für Verbraucher, die bei der Timeshare Task Force (verwaltet von KwikChex) Hilfe in Bezug auf Timeshare und verwandte Produkte suchen, werden keine Gebühren erhoben.

Beitrag von Editor