Neuester Erfahrungsbericht der Timeshare Task Force

“In August 2016 we contacted Timeshare Business Check, managed by Kwikchex, regarding a deposit we had paid for an EZE Lifestyle & Leisure Plan. The dispute involved EZE GROUP & REGENCY SHORES S.L., the latter issued the receipt for the deposit. Our bank required proof of a connection between the two companies before they would consider a refund.

Whilst we had basic information of a connection, Gemma at Timeshare Business Check was able to research both English and Spanish records and provided us with sufficient documentation that confirmed a link between the companies, and which has now been accepted by our bank.

We acknowledge and appreciate the thorough and efficient service provided by Timeshare Business Check and in particular would like to thank Gemma for her considerable help, leading to the success of our claim.”

Mr & Mrs S, Jan-17

Beitrag von Editor