Mit der Hilfe von Kwikchex habe ich es erfolgreich geschafft, mein Timeshare zurück an den Entwickler zu veräußern, ohne weitere Kosten außer einer £10 Briefmarke

Approached Kwikchex for advise on my timeshare being mis sold to me after recent press articles concerning a Spanish Supreme court ruling and through there advise went back to my timeshare company as wanted to rid myself of this burden. With Kwikchex help I successfully managed to offload my timeshare back to the developer at no other cost except a £10 stamp which was used to track my deeds back to my developer who was Richvale resorts..
This was done very quickly as was my RCI cancellation of membership but I would suspect that this was carried out this way as kwikchex said I had a potential claim for compensation and I think they knew it.I had every bit of documentation and evidence to do this but felt offloading it was a result. I successfully did this with Kwikchex help

(Überprüft März 2019)

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