Tolle Beratung zur Kündigung eines Timeshare-Vertrags auf Teneriffa

Got great advice regarding termination of a timeshare contract in Tenerife. They looked at a company offering the service in this country but advised going direct to the timeshare company before engaging any other services. We did this using a template letter from the internet requesting termination and the reasons. The company agreed to relinquish the contract for a fee to cover legal and administrative costs that was a third of the price of the UK based company. This was only on the understanding that neither party had any further financial claim on each other. We were happy with this as we have enjoyed and used the timeshare over the years and just didn’t want to be tied in for the next 52 years. If you are going after compensation I doubt they will release on those terms. Good luck (Reviewed December 2019)

(Reviewed DECEMBER 2019)

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