Ex-Detective Chief Superintendent Steve Reynolds wird als leitender Ermittlungsberater von KwikChex tätig

With a huge increase in scams during the pandemic crisis, and growing demand from consumers for free and practical assistance, KwikChex has entered into a partnership with

Steve Reynolds Unternehmensberatung, to enhance our resources.

Steve is a vastly experienced investigator, with over 40 years of law enforcement experience in Essex Police and the Independent Police Complaints Commission. His assistance in collating information and presenting ‘case files’ will be invaluable in the increasing number of instances where KwikChex is asked to provide support to law enforcement agencies, government departments and regulatory authorities taking actions against unlawful activities. Steve will also provide support to lawyers and consumers engaged in civil actions to reclaim monies.

Chris Emmins, founder and CEO of KwikChex said “I have worked very successfully with Steve previously, concerning a £multi-million fraud investigation that was subsequently taken over by UK police.  Having Steve on our team fits perfectly with KwikChex’s continuing efforts to help fight fraud –  a vital part of our business and one that has been previously acknowledged with a CTSI Business Hero Award.”

Fraud prevention service wins award – https://www.journaloftradingstandards.co.uk/hero-awards/fraud-prevention-service-wins-award/

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