KwikChex to launch ‘Whole Truth’ initiative to combat harmful deceits

Losses to fraud and misrepresentations cost businesses and consumers billions every year. Despite years of advice from authorities and online reviews, the losses have risen exponentially over the last decade – and are set to rise further because of the availability to scammers of increasingly effective tools, including AI.

Almost every element of fraud is being upgraded by easy and cheap tools – particularly by AI-generated content and learning capabilities. In effect, existing and would-be scammers are able to access what amounts to a ‘University of Fraud’. They can do all of these things better

  • Access personal data
  • Better select victims
  • Quickly and cheaply launch credible websites
  • Generate thousands of positive online reviews
  • Have glowing news stories published
  • Post credible adverts online
  • Disguise and hide their identities
  • Fake their locations
  • Fake trading history and accreditations

Statistics clearly show that the vast majority will get away with their crimes and deceptions, so better prevention is essential. This is why KwikChex has been developing Prevention by Intervention resources that enable buyers to avoid harm and find genuine good deals and businesses.

The Whole Truth resources will include

  • Check & Rescue – a due diligence and remedy assistance resource that enables buyers to carry out due diligence on multiple types of businesses – and where monies have already been paid, to assist in remedies and compensation / refunds.
  • Whole Truth Testing Kit – this will enable buyers to carry out on-the-spot checks when people are trying to sell products and services.

The Whole Truth is just one of several initiatives being produced by KwikChex as a part of its Prevention by Intervention strategy. Check out some of the others:


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