La presión sobre TripAdvisor crece con la cobertura mediática y las pruebas de todo el mundo

More and more coverage is being given around the world to the problems of fake and unreliable online reviews – and the role of TripAdvisor in this growing phenomenon which is deceiving consumers and damaging many reputable businesses.

The New York Times wrote about how “an industry of fibbers and promoters has sprung up to buy and sell raves for a pittance”
In a Race to Out-Rave, 5-Star Web Reviews Go for $5

In Germany, articles have appeared with yet more evidence of the scale of the abuses taking place and the failures of review sites to stop the problem.
Wertlose Bewertungen
Bewertungsportale: Wenn zu viel Lob und Kritik zum Problem werden
Hotelmarketing: Hotelbewertungsportale weiter am Pranger – Massive…

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