La Autoridad de Normas Publicitarias del Reino Unido confirma una "investigación formal" sobre las quejas de TripAdvisor.

KwikChex News Release 01/09/2011

The Advertising Standards Authority have written to KwikChex, confirming that they have considered the issues raised regarding TripAdvisor – and have decided to deal with it under their formal investigations procedure. TripAdvisor will be asked to respond and provide evidence to support their own position.

This is one of a number of actions being taken by KwikChex and their members in different countries, with the intention of effectively challenging the claimed trustworthiness of the TripAdvisor site. The objectives are to have an impartial examination of the degree of abuse taking place – and what is actually being done to stop it.

KwikChex believes that such an evaluation is vital because evidence of epidemic levels of abuse, flaws and distortion are being rebutted at present only with standard statements from TripAdvisor repeating clams of diligence and trustworthiness – and the public need to weigh the evidence properly.

In addition, the process of challenging the ‘immunity’ that has been claimed by TripAdvisor under section 230 of the communications decency act is now nearly complete and we believe that when all the evidence is viewed together, there is a strong case that will demonstrate they are no ‘innocent bystander.’

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