KwikChex creará una "cumbre web honesta

Almost everyone would acknowledge that the worldwide web is saturated with fraud and deceit. Online defamation is soaring and both consumers and reputable businesses suffer.

KwikChex believes that significant improvements to reliability of information are readily achievable and obviously desirable.

We are inviting a wide range of businesses, including some of the most influential such as Google, Microsoft, TripAdvisor and Yelp to attend an Honest Web Summit, where the scale and consequences of online deception can be fully examined and solutions proposed. Other relevant businesses and organisations will also be invited to attend.

Amongst the issues that will be on the agenda are:

  • Effective ways to promote freedom of speech whilst preventing freedom of deceit
  • Dealing with Cyber bullying
  • Making online reviews more reliable and trustworthy
  • Improved methods for identifying and tackling online scams.

The current intention is to hold the summits in both the US and Europe in the first quarter of 2012.

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