Las opiniones de TripAdvisor no son de fiar: El sitio web no examina los comentarios, según el organismo de control

Credits: Mail Online By: Sean Poulter

‘TripAdvisor can no longer claim to offer ‘trusted and honest’ reviews, the advertising watchdog has ruled.

It said that because the world’s biggest travel website does not vet its 50 million users’ comments, it cannot guarantee they are genuine.’

‘It has faced claims that some establishments are being given poor write-ups by rivals to boost their own trade.’

‘Malicious customers have even tried to blackmail small hotels with threats to post negative reviews.’
‘The  Advertising Standards Authority began an investigation following a complaint from British firm KwikChex, which represents several hotels given poor reviews on TripAdvisor, plus two unnamed British hotels.’

‘But Chris Emmins, of KwikChex, said: ‘A number are false – both positive and negative reviews.

‘Small businesses suffer most as they tend to have few reviews and so the impact is greater, although any business with a bad review does suffer, particularly if it is a false accusation of something such as food poisoning or bed bugs.’

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