Sentencia de la ASA sobre Mantrav

The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has published their findings and ruling in the case of Mantrav International. The business was a member of KwikChex, but was suspended due to no evidence being provided to substantiate claims on the website concerning financial bonding. Directors of the business insisted and still insist that such arrangements are in place.

Because of the serious nature of such matters in relation to travel services, KwikChex asked the ASA to investigate.

Mantrav membership of KwikChex was subsequently cancelled over the concerns featured in the ASA adjudication – and evidence of what was regarded by KwikChex of unacceptably aggressive behaviour towards some customers seeking refunds from Mantrav.

The full ASA adjudication is available on the following link:

Update 8th December 2012 – Click here:

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