¿Restaurante flotante donde los buceadores pescan su cena? Todo suena un poco sospechoso

Credits: The Telegraph By: Victoria Ward

‘Its “mind-blowing” food was said to rival the best in the world while its romantic setting in the hull of a ship left awestruck diners raving about the experience.’

‘With staff dressed in diving gear ready to catch whatever fish the customer ordered and a changing location dependent on tides, it sounded too good to be true.
Unfortunately, as the foodies who desperately tried to locate it discovered to their cost, Oscar’s floating restaurant was as fictional as its mystical poached bream and herb-stuffed red mullet.
A disgruntled businessman created the bogus listing, and a string of glowing reviews, in a bid to expose the apparent failings of TripAdvisor.
His venture was so successful that would-be diners contacted him in their droves, while others who could not resist the lure of such a world-class experience took to the streets to seek it out, only to find themselves in a disused alleyway full of rubbish bins.
The man behind the prank, who has not been identified, said he came up with the idea after a friend’s hotel received a barrage of criticism that he suspected was from a rival hotelier.’

‘Chris Emmins, co-founder of the online reputation management firm KwikChex, said the hoax cast doubt on the company’s ability to spot fraudulent reviews.’

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