Anuncio sobre Simply Electronics y los servicios de resolución prestados por KwikChex

Since June 2012, KwikChex has provided a resolutions service that enabled customers of Simply Electronics with complaints to raise their issues with KwikChex – a form of ‘complaint escalation’

Throughout that time, (with the exception of one case which was more complex) all cases have been resolved with either the goods being delivered, a replacement being accepted and provided or a refund made. We have throughout the 18 month period emphasised that KwikChex was unaware of any of Simply Electronics customer being deprived of either an acceptable product or a refund – and continually made it clear that we would always wish to hear from anyone with a complaint.
Within the agreement that we had with Simply Electronics was the clause that although they are based in Hong Kong, they would comply with EU consumer laws. They adhered to this in terms of every case we handled.

We additionally answered all queries over matters such as ‘Grey Goods’ and supplied additional information on the business.
The number of complaints we received on a monthly basis fell substantially over the 18 months. We have always acknowledged though that there were issues, particularly concerning the stock levels shown on the website and late deliveries that remained and had been seeking new ways to prevent these from happening.

Regrettably, KwikChex will no longer be able to pursue the solutions to such issues as Simply Electronics discontinued using our services with effect from 31st December 2013. We will therefore also not be able to accept any further cases. We will however attempt to resolve any outstanding cases we have already accepted.

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