HADEED: Proteger a las pequeñas empresas de la difamación en línea

WashingtonTimesCredits: The Washington Times
By: Joe Hadeed

Back in 1955, when a customer brought a rug to Hadeed Carpet Cleaning, it would be hand-cleaned in my family’s driveway. Today, we still clean carpets with the same care and attention, but we’ve grown quite a lot over the decades, and now serve more than 30,000 residential and commercial customers a year. That’s quite a bit more volume than the old family driveway could have handled.

I like to think our story is pretty special because it is the story of my own family, but I know that our story is like that of hundreds of thousands of successful American small businesses. Small businesses account for more than half of all U.S. jobs, and we take pride in the part we play in making our economy strong. I expect that most small-business owners feel a very personal stake in their reputations among their customers and in their communities. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that many American small-businesses owners like me are deeply offended when we confront fraudulent and defamatory reviews on websites such as Yelp.

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