Caso de consumidor de tiempo compartido resuelto - Reclamación de la Sección 75 - Dreams Breaks Los Cristianos / Escape Away Holidays

Grupo de trabajo

Mr and Mrs C owned a timeshare with Heritage Resorts which they could no longer make use of because Mrs C had been diagnosed with a serious illness and could not travel.

They were approached by ‘Dreams Breaks Los Cristianos / Escape Away Holidays’ who said they could help relinquish their timeshare. They paid £150 which it was claimed, would be reimbursed at a meeting they would have to travel to – even through Mrs C was too ill to travel.After reading an article in the Mail on Sunday about the free assistance the Timeshare Task Force were providing consumers they made contact with us and following our advice, submitted a Section 75 claim to their credit card provider for the £150 payment. They received a full refund.

Timeshare Task Force then also contacted Heritage Resorts on their behalf, who confirmed that given Mrs C’s health, the timeshare could be relinquished with no additional fees applied.

Note – there are no fees whatsoever charged to consumers seeking help regarding timeshare and related products by Timeshare Task Force (managed by KwikChex). This is a free service.

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