KwikChex citado en el artículo del Telegraph - Críticas a TripAdvisor por el premio otorgado al hotel terrorista cerrado en Túnez

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Críticas a TripAdvisor por la concesión del máximo galardón a un hotel terrorista cerrado en Túnez

The validity of TripAdvisor’s coveted Traveller’s Choice awards has been called into question after a 2016 recommendation was bestowed on the hotel in Tunisia where an Islamist terrorist attack left 30 British holidaymakers dead last summer.

Chris Emmins from KwikChex, a company that specialises in “analysing consumer reputations”, has had a number of run-ins with TripAdvisor before, “as part of [its] work to improve the accuracy of online information”.

“The various results certainly don’t always make sense.”

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