KwikChex colabora en un caso judicial en el que una pareja gana 7.000 libras esterlinas

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By Alisha Rouse for Money Mail, 27 July 2016

Una pareja gana 7.000 libras esterlinas por un contrato defectuoso de tiempo compartido tras 18 meses de batalla legal

‘The Walkers’ victory is believed to be the first of its kind in Britain. Chris Emmins, founder of KwikChex, a company that investigates other firms and helped the Walkers to win their case, says: ‘This could open a flood of claims.’

‘Harold searched the internet and discovered other people had been frustrated when trying to get rid of timeshares. Then he found KwikChex, which was already investigating a number of timeshare companies. With its help, the couple took Itra to Milton Keynes County Court last month.’

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