KwikChex citada en The Caterer: consejos de reputación para las empresas que se plantean participar en programas de telerrealidad

There have been a number of problems for businesses that have appeared in programmes such as Channel 4’s Four in a Bed, including subsequent attacks by internet trolls and malicious fake online reviews.

In 2013, one participant in the same programme suffered serious and distressing harassment and requested assistance from KwikChex (see Caterer article

Defamatory fake reviews were subsequently removed from TripAdvisor and the matter was reported to the police after multiple abusive attacks were made on the owner of a B&B that appeared on the programme, including threats of violence.

Title: Las voces de los hoteleros se refieren a cuatro en una cama
Credits: The Caterer, By Janet Harmer, 21st Dec 2016

‘Concerns raised by a participant in a forthcoming series of Channel 4’s reality TV programme Four in a Bed highlights the risks to operators who may be considering opening their doors to television cameras.’

‘…Chris Emmins, the founder of Kwikchex, the online company which helps businesses protect their reputation, said that any business that is considering taking part in a reality television programme, such as Four in a Bed, should consider two things…’

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