KwikChex citado en The Caterer, en relación con que TripAdvisor penaliza injustamente a los negocios

Title: TripAdvisor denies unfairly penalising businesses for posting fraudulent reviews
Credits: The Caterer, By Janet Harmer, 10th Feb 2017

‘Action taken by TripAdvisor to put a stop to fraudulent postings on its online review site is often carried out unfairly and inconsistently, according to online reputation management firm, KwikChex.’

‘Chris Emmins, co-founder of KwikChex, said that he has been contacted by many hotels and restaurants which have been negatively impacted by TripAdvisor relegating their listing down the ranking system following postings by a person connected to the business.’

‘Additionally, KwikChex is concerned that the penalties imposed by TripAdvisor following infringements of their rules are not being applied fairly. “Whilst smaller businesses are being made examples of, larger businesses are not being penalised in the same way.’

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