Trustpilot removed over 20,000 reviews from one profile after KwikChex investigation

After an investigation by KwikChex and an article in The Mirror, Trustpilot has removed over 20,000 reviews from one business profile. 

The KwikChex investigation revealed how crypto business Nova Wallet has rocketed to the top of Trustpilot’s UK Banking and Money category, with 23,000 reviews. The investigation then followed a trail of technology businesses, all headed by purported multimillionaire Louis-James Davis, and a tale of millions lost by investors and businesses, and reputations of several famous people compromised. 

The super-hyped marketing of the Davis businesses included ‘Ambassador’ and promotional roles for Mike and Zara Tindall (Zara is the daughter of Princess Anne and niece of King Charles). Football legends Kenny Dalglish and Harry Redknapp were also ambassadors, appearing on television, online and in YouTube promotions. Even then UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s name was used to promote the business, after Louis-James Davis was invited to participate in a UK trade mission to India. 

In reality, the Trustpilot reviews were bought with promises of cryptocurrency rewards, using Davis’s own crypto coin, called VSolidus – and the hyped VST Enterprises business collapsed without ever achieving any of the promises made, resulting in substantial losses for investors and unpaid suppliers. Louis-James Davis was declared bankrupt 2 weeks ago on 7th June 2023 – see link

KwikChex urges investors and celebrity influencers to look beyond the hype and unreliable online reviews when making critical financial and business decisions, by using services such as KwikChex’s X-Ray evaluations and Check & Rescue resources. 

KwikChex investigation article – see link

Mirror article – see link

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