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KwikChex is seeking assistance from loan providers, advisors and authorities after uncovering a multimillion-pound fraud enabled by equity release.  KwikChex is helping consumers who fell prey to a purported real estate and holiday club investment scheme. Many of those affected were persuaded to remortgage their homes to invest in what was called ‘Global Great Hotels’.  After […]

KwikChex, an expert on online reviews, and a renowned verification, investigation and resolutions business has carried out an evaluation of the debate on online reviews for solicitors.  Since 2021, the SRA has been actively encouraging solicitors to engage with online reviews resources. In June, they produced a report which included details, including the fact that sites […]

Trustpilot uses the slogan “Find companies you can trust” – referring to those that have achieved a high ‘Trustscore’ on its platform – but these ratings can lead people relying on supposed trustworthiness into very unsafe situations. Here are some facts about businesses with these trusted ratings and the reviewers that help them achieve their […]

Following the latest analysis of content on the Trustpilot reviews website, KwikChex is commencing a series of actions to tackle serious misinformation and fraud.  The case against Trustpilot   Trustpilot uses the slogan “Find companies you can trust”. This is intended to persuade consumers that businesses with a high rating on their platform should be trusted. […]

After an investigation by KwikChex and an article in The Mirror, Trustpilot has removed over 20,000 reviews from one business profile.  The KwikChex investigation revealed how crypto business Nova Wallet has rocketed to the top of Trustpilot’s UK Banking and Money category, with 23,000 reviews. The investigation then followed a trail of technology businesses, all […]

When KwikChex started an investigation into how a new crypto business called Nova Wallet instantly jumped into the number 1 rated UK company in Trustpilot’s UK Banking and Money Services (“Best in Banking & Money”), we had no idea that it would lead to a trail of businesses ‘ultra-hyped’ by celebrity endorsements and purported success […]

A KwikChex investigation into online reviews website Trustpilot has shown that the platform is being used to promote a broad spectrum of illegal activity, from financial scams, through counterfeit documents to illegal drugs. Whilst the problem of fake reviews has been acknowledged for some years, and governments around the world are tightening laws to help […]

  On 10/02/22, KwikChex was featured in an article in the Mirror newspaper following a joint investigation on cryptocurrency reviews on the Trustpilot site. View the full PDF of the Mirror article here Or view text below – Credits: The Mirror, Andrew Penman How far can you trust a review on Trustpilot? Online platforms credibility […]

Con el enorme aumento de las estafas durante la crisis pandémica, y la creciente demanda de los consumidores de asistencia gratuita y práctica, KwikChex ha entrado en una asociación con Steve Reynolds Consultancy, para mejorar nuestros recursos. Steve es un investigador muy experimentado, con más de 40 años de experiencia en el cumplimiento de la ley en la Policía de Essex y en la [...]

16/07/19 Después de que KwikChex denunciara ante la BBC graves problemas de higiene alimentaria, Just Eat publicará a partir de hoy la calificación de higiene alimentaria de todos los restaurantes que figuran en su plataforma de reparto en el Reino Unido. Sin embargo, todavía se pueden hacer mejoras. En el Reino Unido, aunque los consumidores podrán ver la calificación oficial de higiene alimentaria de [...]

El despliegue en el Reino Unido de mostrar las calificaciones de higiene alimentaria comenzará con una prueba en Irlanda del Norte a principios de 2019 Tras una investigación conjunta de KwikChex / BBC, el gigante internacional de entrega de comida a domicilio Just Eat ha respondido a las preocupaciones sobre la seguridad alimentaria anunciando que comenzará a publicar la calificación oficial de higiene alimentaria de cada uno de sus [...]

Una investigación definitiva de KwikChex da lugar a una cobertura de la BBC News sobre los graves problemas de higiene alimentaria de Just Eat El trabajo dirigido por la jefa de proyectos de investigación de KwikChex, Aria Maffei, dio lugar a una investigación de la BBC News que se emitió en televisión y radio anoche (miércoles 17 de octubre). El proyecto comenzó comparando las calificaciones de las reseñas que aparecen de forma destacada en la [...]

Bloomberg ha publicado un artículo después de que las investigaciones de KwikChex mostraran que los gigantes de la entrega de comida para llevar están entregando alimentos a los consumidores desde negocios con malas calificaciones de higiene alimentaria. Esto es parte de una investigación más sustancial de KwikChex , con más detalles que se harán públicos pronto. 'Deliveroo y Uber Eats enumeran restaurantes con baja puntuación sanitaria' [...]