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KwikChex, an expert on online reviews, and a renowned verification, investigation and resolutions business has carried out an evaluation of the debate on online reviews for solicitors.  Since 2021, the SRA has been actively encouraging solicitors to engage with online reviews resources. In June, they produced a report which included details, including the fact that sites […]

Trustpilot uses the slogan “Find companies you can trust” – referring to those that have achieved a high ‘Trustscore’ on its platform – but these ratings can lead people relying on supposed trustworthiness into very unsafe situations. Here are some facts about businesses with these trusted ratings and the reviewers that help them achieve their […]

Following the latest analysis of content on the Trustpilot reviews website, KwikChex is commencing a series of actions to tackle serious misinformation and fraud.  The case against Trustpilot   Trustpilot uses the slogan “Find companies you can trust”. This is intended to persuade consumers that businesses with a high rating on their platform should be trusted. […]

Bloomberg ha publicado un artículo después de que las investigaciones de KwikChex mostraran que los gigantes de la entrega de comida para llevar están entregando alimentos a los consumidores desde negocios con malas calificaciones de higiene alimentaria. Esto es parte de una investigación más sustancial de KwikChex , con más detalles que se harán públicos pronto. 'Deliveroo y Uber Eats enumeran restaurantes con baja puntuación sanitaria' [...]