Benefits for Business

KwikChex is for reputable businesses that want to prove they are great companies to do business with. Become part of the KwikChex network and you become part of a community considered ‘The Best On The Web’ – leading the way in business integrity and helping to create a better, safer worldwide web.

Convert more shoppers/browsers to customers

Confidence on the web is crucial to consumers – and is becoming increasingly more so.

When visitors to your website know that it has undergone multiple, independent checks, including the business behind it, security levels and business ethics and practices, they are far more likely to make a decision to buy rather than carry on shopping around.

Gain competitive advantage

There are far too many websites that cannot be trusted for one reason or another – but that doesn’t stop them portraying themselves as sites to be trusted.There are also many reputable websites that do not make the most of promoting their business ethics and history – and making self-statements is not enough of a reassurance.

If you are a reputable business, being a member of KwikChex will elevate you above the sites to be avoided – and above all those that are not members.

Enhance and protect your reputation

Standard (Verified Member) Membership will raise your ethical profile. Being independently checked and verified says much more about your business and your website than any of the current ‘consumer-powered’ sites, or blogs, social networking sites etc. which can be corrupted and used to attack reputable companies.

 Improve your online presence and profile

With literally millions of websites and new businesses on the Internet, you need to make your business stand out from the rest with a good reputation. KwikChex gives you that opportunity.

When you apply for even the standard (Verified Member) membership, our Verification Team carry out extensive checks designed to flush out any possible issues that could affect your reputation so we can then give you powerful, comprehensive accreditation, which includes:

A verified profile that demonstrates business integrity

A verified website security evaluation. (includes checking if your site has been targeted with malware)

A verified Radar Report. (includes comprehensive searches on consumer and complaints sites,news, blogs and social networks)

Visitors to your site will be able to view a unique, end to end profile that provides the most exceptional one stop reassurance on the web.


Once you have verified membership accreditation, you can have optional upgrades that will enable you to:

Monitor your business reputation

Enhance your profile and online reputation

Continuously improve customer service

Check that you are not on any blacklists due to unknown malicious attacks on your site or servers.

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