Fake Reviews

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Fake and Suspect Online Reviews

In addition to promoting Outstanding Businesses, KwikChex provides services that are aimed at creating a more honest and dependable Worldwide Web. This includes dealing with fake reviews. We defend our members against online defamation and are working towards the improvement in the dependability of online reviews.

Suspect Review Reports – New Service

In some cases, where we have strong evidence or where there are reasons for grave doubts about an online review, we will advise the site publishers of the evidence and request removal. If the publishers do not comply , a notice will be posted (see example below) alerting consumers that a review post is suspect and directing them to this section of our site for details.

Example Alert Notice

Suspect Review Alert – New Service
Anonymous online reviews are often used to deceive consumers. KwikChex.com has reported the review by….. and dated…… to the publishers of this site and offered evidence. As the review has not been removed as requested, we have posted this alert. If the poster wishes to verify the comments made, please contact KwikChex. This is report number….

Click here for Current Suspect Review Reports

The Launch of KwikChex Authenticated Reviewers
– Getting Consumers On Board

KwikChex is now trialing a new online reviews system, designed to improve the honesty of online reviews.

Members of the public will be invited to join and will be able to:

  • Contribute to a more honest web
  • Know that their feedback is taken seriously
  • Become guest customer service and product consultants (paid)
  • Become paid mystery shoppers
  • Win prizes
  • Be alerted to best deal and best places
  • Receive warnings on consumer issues and scams
Maybe best of all – the KwikChex Consumers network will work on behalf of members to resolve dissatisfaction issues.

Report ‘Fake Reviews’

To report Fake Reviews made about your business please complete the form below. Please provide as many details as possible to enable us to answer your enquiry effectively. You will receive a confirmation email and will be contacted as soon as possible.
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