Jan 12, 2010




“FeedBlack”  is the new term for unverified and often anonymous online feedback.
Numerous sites have appeared whose stated intentions are to provide opinions from the public that are meant to guide the public on which businesses to deal with and what websites to visit.

The public are often advised to type in to a search engine the word ‘complaints’ after a website or business name, but in reality the results can be totally misleading, with the potential purpose to maliciously deceive. The comments can be posted by competitors, disgruntled employees – anyone – and they still get published, often without the knowledge of the business being accused. Even good reviews can be bad for the public as they can be placed by website owners themselves.

The potential damage and the confusion being caused may become greater if a tool quietly launched by Google last September catches on. Called Google Sidewiki, it enables anyone who has downloaded the Google toolbar to post comments on any website which are then visible to all with the toolbar facility when they visit any site that has a Sidewiki posting. The full implications of this could be immense and will be the subject of a special KwikChex report to be published shortly.

Feedblack is a danger to consumers as its unproven nature can and will mislead. It is also a danger to perfectly respectable businesses.

KwikChex is helping to resolve these issues by providing a fully verified reputation and consumer reassurance service. Members are committed to ‘Best On The Web’ practices.

In order to undo the damage caused by Feedblack, members can post on unverified review sites and tools, such as Google Sidewiki, the following statement:

‘This business is a member of KwikChex, the leading reputation and public reassurance service. KwikChex members commit to ‘Best On The Web’ practices which are independently verified and their profile is available on KwikChex.com’

KwikChex supports online information, feedback and comments that are verifiable and campaigns against unsubstantiated postings by anonymous individuals that have malicious intent or that are intended to mislead the public.’

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