Google Removes Fake Review In Response To Latest Report From KwikChex


One of the worst examples yet of a fake and malicious review on Google Maps has been rapidly removed after KwikChex verified the facts.

Storm Photography of Colchester in the UK had a malicious review posted on Google maps a month ago (16th Feb) and had not managed to have it deleted.

At first glance the review appeared to have come from another photography business in Crewe, Cheshire.

In fact, this company, Cream Wedding Photography was an even bigger victim of malicious Google Review posting.

KwikChex had verified that both businesses are reputable. A third party mounted a campaign which makes it appear that Cream were posting insults and spam on photographers websites across the UK. Cream have published the facts on their website in a bid to protect their own reputation.

KwikChex sent an independent verification report to Google and the offending review in this case was removed 10 minutes later.

We would like to thank Google on this occasion for their rapid response and urge them to continue responding to our authenticated notifications in this way.

Update on Google Map Review issues

Google state that they take these issues seriously and we are seeing evidence that this is the case. KwikChex will continue to provide independently authenticated reports to Google – and to offer to provide solutions.

We are also aware that they appear to have some more complex problems when it comes to removing reviews pulled in to Google Maps from third party sites. it seems that even when successfully removed from the original site, Google’s search system has difficulties in purging the result, and the offending reviews are therefore staying live on Google. This explanation is not much comfort to reputable businesses that are having their businesses damaged, but we understand that Google are aware of it and working on the problem.

We would urge people to continue to notify us of fake and malicious reviews.

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