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Nov 10, 2010


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The owner of these double award winning cottages in Northumberland National Park in the UK was made aware of malicious comments made on the TripAdvisor site. The allegations were designed to ruin the reputation of the owners and their business.

Even though the comments were a clear violation of TripAdvisor policies and could even have endangered the safety of the owner, TripAdvisor refused to remove them.

KwikChex Resolution

KwikChex carried out a swift evaluation of the business and the circumstances, including evidence provided by the owner and confirmed Cheviot Holiday Cottages as a member.

TripAdvisor again refused to remove the offending post, so we used our extensive media skills and contacts to:

Protect His Business
Highlighting the failures of the TripAdvisor screening and response system and draw attention to the policy violations in this case.

Click here to read the full Telegraph article

Promote His Business
Enabling the owner to demonstrate to millions the quality of his business and to restore his reputation.

Click here to read the full Telegraph article

The comments on TripAdvisor were subsequently removed, with the owner saying:
“We have received no notification and no explanation by TripAdvisor but I think one can safely assume that your press coverage played a major part”.

KwikChex is now assisting Cheviot Holiday Cottages by authenticating customer reviews and continuing to promote and protect the business. Further actions are being considered against the rogue author of the malicious comments.

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