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Captain Nick Nash, FNI, FRIN, FRGS  is a renowned Ship’s captain with over 30 years experience. He has been with P&O Princess Cruises since 1989 and was promoted to Captain in 2002. Below are his authorised personal details.

Born: Penzance 12th December 1960
School: Hazlegrove House (Nr Bruton) (Prep) 1970-1974
Kings School, Bruton, Somerset 1974-1977 (9 ‘O’Levels)

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Professional Certificates

College: Southampton School Navigation/College of Nautical Studies, Warsash
2nd Mate FG Cert. & ONC Nautical Science 1981               (FG=Foreign Going)
1st Mate FG Cert. & HND Nautical Science 1984
Master Mariner FG Cert. (Class 1) 1988


Cadetship with Cunard Steam Ship Co. Ltd (Cargo Division – Port Line) 1978-1981
Cunard Steam Ship Co.1981-1986
Promoted 4th Officer 1982, 3rd Officer 1982 and 2nd Officer 1986
Ship types: General Cargo, Product Tanker, Container, Fruit Refer, North Atlantic RoRo and QE2.
Royal Fleet Auxiliary 1986-1989
3rd Officer (Navigation)
Ship Types: LSL – Falklands Guard Ship 1986/7, Fleet Tanker 1987/8 Ex Purple Warrior.
LSL- BAOR Support1988/89                            (LSL= Landing Ship Logistic)

P&O Princess Cruises 1989-
3rd Officer 1989             (Royal Princess)
Navigator 1990             (Royal Princess)
First Officer 1994         (Royal & Sea Princess)
Chief Officer 1995       (Royal Princess)
Staff Captain 1997.      (Grand Princess 1997-2002)

Promoted Captain 2002
Command of:
Royal Princess (44,588 GRT)                   1200 Pax     900 Crew     Total Souls 2100
Grand Princess (109,000GRT)        3100 Pax    1060 Crew    Total Souls 4160
Golden Princess (109,000GRT)         3100 Pax    1060 Crew    Total Souls 4160
Diamond Princess (115,875GRT)          3168 Pax    1100 Crew    Total Souls 4268
Caribbean Princess (112,894GRT)                   3599 Pax    1201 Crew    Total Souls 4800
Star Princess (109,000GRT)               3100 Pax    1060 Crew    Total Souls 4160
Sea Princess (77,499GRT)             2270 Pax      910 Crew    Total Souls 3180
Crown Princess (118.000GRT)         3599 Pax    1201 Crew    Total Souls 4800
Sapphire Princess (115,875GRT)        3168 Pax    1100 Crew    Total Souls 4268

Professional Bodies
FRIN (Royal Institute of Navigation – Elected Fellow May 2009)
FNI (Nautical Institute – Elected Fellow March 2010)
FRGS (Royal Geographical Society – Elected Fellow October 2010)
MIAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists – Member July 1997)
Younger Brother Trinity House (Admitted June 2010)
Other Qualifications
PSV (Bus) License 2001

Published in:

Seaways (Nautical Institute Magazine)

  • The Pilot /CoPilot System
  • The optimum ‘Quick bridge maneuvering guide’
  • Who’s monitoring the Monitor?
  • “Girly Captain” – Experiences on Greenland Transatlantic Cruise  (Parts 1,2&3)
  • Alternative Watchkeeping Systems
  • Is she safely moored – Calculating the EQHP

Journal of Navigation (Royal Institute of Navigation)

  • “A Modern Day Cruise Ship Master’s “Captain’s Navigational Orders”

The Princess Cruises “Captains Circle Magazine”

The ECDIS Revolution, The Voyage Continues – 2nd annual conference and exhibition. Speaking on Bridge Resource Management – 23/11/11. Click here to see PDF brochure

Other News
Nick Nash opens new training room on board Crown Princess (Feb 2012)

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