Hotel d’Inghilterra, Rome – KwikChex Proof of Quality Report

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Report Dated April 2011

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The Hotel d’Inghilterra is a luxury hotel in Rome. It is rated 5 stars by APT, the regional bureau for tourism.


It has an outstanding location close to the Piazza di Spagna – the Spanish Steps, and is situated between Via Condotti and Via Borgogna, on Via Bocca di Leone. Although very central in a fashionable area, the location is quiet by central Rome standards.

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The original building dates back to the 16th Century. It has been a hotel since 1845. It can certainly be described as elegant and has played host to many aristocratic, famous and wealthy guests over its long history.

The interior also has a quiet elegance, with restful and traditionally styled public rooms.

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Accommodation (89 Rooms)

As with many hotels of this age, the rooms do vary. The majority have a 19th century character and can be described as ‘traditional’ – with dark woods and rich materials. A recent refurbishment of the 4th floor has resulted in a more contemporary style, whilst still elegant.

Points to note:

In just a few rooms, the bathroom facilities are not spacious and have shower and bath units that are not suitable for people of a larger build. For such people, it will be worthwhile contacting the hotel at the time of reservation.

Room rates have been revised recently and have been set according to aspects such as the overall area of the accommodation, bathroom size and amenities and furnishings.

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WiFi is provided at an additional cost and is arranged by the front desk.

Verified Proof of Quality Feedback

Because misrepresentation of standards and is common on the internet owing to lack of verification by the owners of ‘review’ websites. This enables fake reviews to be placed. KwikChex only provides information from sources that have confirmed the reviewers are genuine customers. In addition, we feature feedback from respected professional review resources.

This site provides reviews from genuine guests that have booked through the website and have left reviews after their stay. The reviews have all been made within the last 18 months to ensure greater accuracy.

Verified Guest Reviews for Hotel d’Inghilterra Rome
Number of Reviews – 71
Overall Rating – Good – 7.4 from 10


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Frommer’s Review on Hotel d’Inghilterra Rome

“Rome’s most fashionable small hotel holds on to its traditions and heritage, even though it has been renovated. It’s comparable to the Hassler and Inter-Continental. Situated between Via Condotti and Via Borgogna, this hotel in the 17th century was the guesthouse of the Torlonia princes. The rooms have mostly old pieces (gilt and lots of marble, mahogany chests, and glittery mirrors) complemented by modern conveniences. Some, however, are just too cramped. The preferred rooms are higher up, opening onto a tile terrace, with a balustrade and a railing covered with flowering vines and plants.”

KwikChex Authenticated Reviews

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Please note: re TripAdvisor and other unverified resources.

Whilst many honest consumers use unverified resources to leave feedback, the lack of verification should be taken into consideration when viewing such sites, since it means that it is easier to post fake reviews, since no checks are in place to ensure that the poster is a genuine customer. In addition, TripAdvisor publishes reviews that are extremely out of date as part of their listing information.

Hotel d’Inghilterra Rome Customer Concerns and Resolutions Services

As part of their Proof of Quality commitment, Hotel d’Inghilterra provides their customers and consumers with an additional concerns and resolutions service. Any concerns about their service, overall standards that guests feel have not been responded to appropriately or queries about information on their website or marketing materials can be reported to KwikChex. We guarantee to investigate, respond quickly and help resolve any issues raised.

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