Hotel Regente, Benidorm – KwikChex Proof of Quality Report

All information in this report has been fully verified by KwikChex.
Report Dated April 2011


The Hotel Regente is a modern tourist hotel in Benidorm, Alicante. It has an official 3 star rating.


The Hotel Regente is located in the centre of Benidorm, offering easy access to shops, restaurants, and numerous bars and pubs. It is also just a few minutes from the Levante Beach. The area has many golf courses for guests to enjoy, and there is a theme park and a water park nearby. It is located 3 kilometers from the train station, which offers fast transportation to and from the Alicante International Airport.

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Accommodation (195 Rooms)

Hotel Regente is a Bright modern tourist hotel. It has 195 recently refurbished double rooms, all with full bathrooms, air conditioning, heating and balconies.


The restaurant is buffet-style and there is a wide variety of Mediterranean and continental dishes to choose from. There are two outdoor swimming pools. There are daily daytime and evening entertainment programs throughout the year. Plus free Wifi in reception.

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Verified Proof of Quality Feedback

Because misrepresentation of standards and is common on the internet owing to lack of verification by the owners of ‘review’ websites. This enables fake reviews to be placed. KwikChex only provides information from sources that have confirmed the reviewers are genuine customers. In addition, we feature feedback from respected professional review resources.

This site provides reviews from genuine guests that have booked through the website and have left reviews after their stay. The reviews have all been made within the last 18 months to ensure greater accuracy.

Verified Guest Reviews for Hotel Regente, Benidorm
Number of Reviews – 107
Overall Rating – Good – 7.7 from 10 (77%)

Verified Reviews Scores for Hotel Regente, Benidorm
3.8 Overall score (out of 5) (76%)
Total Verified Reviews analysed by -127
Rated number 14 out of 214 most popular hotels in Benidorm

“We found the Hotel Regente, Benidorm to be an excellent hotel, offering very comfortable accommodation. Wherever you looked in the hotel (and we looked hard), the hotel was clean. For a three star hotel, it’s above what you would normally expect. You are assured of a warm welcome at the hotel and will find little to complain about. The hotel is a credit to MedPlaya.”
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KwikChex Authenticated Reviews

KwikChex has now added an authenticated reviews resource to enable customers to provide feedback and to provide an additional resource for consumers based on proof of purchase and other verified information. Click here to see the KwikChex Reviews listing for Hotel Regente.

Please note: re TripAdvisor and other unverified resources.

Whilst many honest consumers use unverified resources to leave feedback, the lack of verification should be taken into consideration when viewing such sites, since it means that it is easier to post fake reviews, since no checks are in place to ensure that the poster is a genuine customer. In addition, TripAdvisor publishes reviews that are extremely out of date as part of their listing information.

Hotel Regente Customer Concerns and Resolutions Services

As part of their Proof of Quality commitment, Hotel Regente provides their customers and consumers with an additional concerns and resolutions service. Any concerns about their service, overall standards that guests feel have not been responded to appropriately or queries about information on their website or marketing materials can be reported to KwikChex. We guarantee to investigate, respond quickly and help resolve any issues raised.

Hygiene Information

The Regente has additionally been evaluated by KwikChex in terms of hygiene (Evaluation Oct 2010). This action was specifically taken to ensure that the hotel has the highest levels of preventative measures to protect guests.

Local Health officials were interviewed and independent experts consulted. Records of inspections and hotel logs were examined and verified and all areas of the hotel were examined.

Local health audit overall score – 93%
Independent expert audit – 89%
Overall rating – Excellent

Hygiene Summary

This additional evaluation was undertaken in response to some suggestions on the internet that incidents of guest illness were connected to poor hygiene standards. The verified audits disprove this.

Further evaluation conclusively demonstrated that the Regente has in place a vigorous system to help combat the threat of Norovirus, which is typically spread by person-to-person contact, contamination of surfaces and via airborne spread of the virus. The Regente is tackling the threat with measures that include constant surfaces decontamination and personal hygiene, including hand sanitisers for guests.

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