KwikChex produces Proof of Quality Report for Hotel Regente, Benidorm

The Hotel Regente Benidorm has commissioned a KwikChex Proof of Quality Report to verify its standards.

The modern, 3 star tourist hotel is part of the Med Playa group and is located in the centre of Benidorm, a short walk from the Levante Beach.

Proof of Quality Reports are produced  to provide consumers with verified information – as opposed to the unverified comments that are left on sites such as TripAdvisor. In addition to the fact that such sites do not verify whether the authors of the posts are actually genuine customers (review fraud is rife on such sites), many of the posts (which also affect the ‘ratings’) are substantially out of date. In this case over half are more than 18 months old.

The report is compiled after a verification visit is made, checking all standards of bedrooms and all public areas. Photographs are also verified as recent and genuine. In addition, KwikChex verified the standards (using expert, independent reports and a full inspection ) of cleanliness and hygiene at the Hotel Regente. It was confirmed that the Regente has an outstanding cleanliness and hygiene regime – and had also taken exceptional additional steps to combat norovirus infections. Such problems have been rife in the UK and can be brought in entirely unwittingly be guests. The report also contains statistics and links to reviews that have been posted by genuine guests. KwikChex also assists the hotel in ensuring that customer expectations are well managed.

As a Proof of Quality member, the Hotel Regente makes a commitment to high standards. All Proof of Quality members are also provided with resources that enable KwikChex to accurately monitor customer satisfaction – and an Authenticated Review resource. A resolutions service is also provided that enables genuine customers to immediately raise any concerns they may have about a member if the feel that they have not received an appropriate response from management.

Click here to see the Hotel Regente Proof of Quality Report

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