Times Journalist Roger Boyes Tries Out ‘Verified by KwikChex’

May 28, 2011 – www.einnews.com
24-7 Press Release

Reputation Management is a relatively new and growing service, dealing principally with managing online reputation. The Times Berlin correspondent and author Roger Boyes is trying out the Verified by KwikChex service.

DORSET, ENGLAND, May 28, 2011 – The Times newspaper wanted to run a feature on Reputation Management – why it is growing, what purpose it serves and who is using it. KwikChex, one of the world’s leading brands in Reputation Management has provided details of their services to explain this growing phenomenon.

As part of the feature, Times journalist Roger Boyes has been using the ‘Verified by KwikChex’ services.

KwikChex bases its strategy and services on verification and integrity, using their brand to authenticate online information and the standards of businesses. The key resources are their ‘Proof of Quality’ accreditation for businesses and ‘Verified by KwikChex’ for individuals.

KwikChex also provides reputation defence and restoration services and advises and acts on online defamation cases, in conjunction with partners such as Bains Cohen solicitors and Heather Nesbitt professional investigators.

KwikChex is the world’s leading reputation management brand, providing online reputation services and defending businesses and individuals against online defamation.

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