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Camerabox Ltd. engaged KwikChex with reference to a problem with cloned websites that led to unfounded allegations about the business.

Initial investigations proved that sites were being set up that were intended to deceive consumers into believing they were genuine Camerabox websites. Traces were instigated by KwikChex and information on the perpetrators passed to the police.


KwikChex carried out checks on Camerabox, including tests for malware and on payment security. Further information was gathered from Trading Standards, online security businesses and manufacturers of their stock. All were responded to satisfactorily.

Service and Resolutions

There were however some service issues that were resulting in customer concerns and dissatisfaction. In view of this, as part of the service provided by KwikChex to Camerabox, a resolutions service was implemented.

This has resulted in the speeding up of resolutions, including refunds and order deliveries, with Camerabox responding to cases brought to them by KwikChex within 24 hours.

Recommendations & performance/Membership Reviews

In addition, KwikChex has been evaluating the perceived causes of the reasons of dissatisfaction and making recommendations. Several have already been carried out.

A review date on issues relating to delivery, displayed stock and customer communication was set for 15th July.

Update – 20th June 2011

Whilst KwikChex has continued to be notified of orders being delivered and refunds made where appropriate, we have also now requested an interim update from the chairman of the company. This relates to notification of changes to the board of directors and updates to the website and stock control.

Update – 21st June 2011 – Suspended Pending Clarification
Clarification has been requested regarding customer resolutions and recent changes at Camerabox.
We have been advised that this will be provided today – 21st June 2011.
Camerabox customers can still register their requests for resolutions and further information will then be provided immediately it is available.

Update 2 – 21st June 2011

We have an updated situation regarding Camerabox.
Up until last Thursday, Camerabox had continued to fulfil their commitment to us of responding to all cases within 24 hours and we were still receiving notification of resolutions from customers. We had also asked for implementation of changes to stock systems, delivery services and customer communications training. A review date was set for 15th July.

Late on Thursday, 16th June, we received notification that the stock system was to be updated.

On Friday 17th June, we were notified that the Managing Director had resigned. From that time, we received no further responses to our resolutions reports but were promised clarification from the Chairman of the company.

This resulted in us updating their profile and then suspending membership, following which, we have now received the following statement from the Chairman:

Official Statement from Camerabox Ltd.

“After the loss of key members of staff, Camerabox Limited has been forced to temporarily cease trading. We will temporarily cease to take any new orders and all existing and unfulfilled orders have been cancelled. Refunds take between 2-14 days or alternatively you can contact your card issuer to issue a dispute and chargeback. Thank you for your co-operation and patience in this difficult period”.

We would advise any Camerabox customers that have not received their orders or requested refunds to commence chargeback procedures with their card issuer immediately.

We have asked them to make an announcement on their website and to disable all transactions systems.

We will update their profile again immediately and cancel their KwikChex Accreditation and will advise the relevant bodies of the situation. However, we will keep cases open until we have the situation confirmed – i.e., chargebacks and the trading status of Camerabox. Although KwikChex Accreditation is cancelled, we will continue to offer advice to the best of our abilities and will keep you informed as to the status of the business.

Update: 29th June 2011
KwikChex has been advised that Camerabox Ltd formally went into administration  yesterday 28th June 2011 and BDO LLP have been appointed to act as Administrators.”

Yesterday we received notification from the chairman of Camerabox that they have  been placed into administration.We asked for clarification and details and have been contacted now by the administrator.

Their details are:
BDO LLP, Kings Wharf, 20-30 Kings Road, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 3EX


We are receiving feedback that the advice we gave previously to those awaiting orders and refunds regarding making a chargeback application has been effective in almost all cases thus far. It therefore remains our strongest recommendation. Information from the consumer group Which can be found on the link below.

We have also asked BDO to produce a statement for the Camerabox website, to which they have replied that it is their intention to do so.

At this stage, we are leaving our seal on the website as it is the only reference available and we are still providing advice to Camerabox customers via this resource.

Latest Update 01/07/2011

Several people have expressed concerns regarding a number of issues.
These include:

The question of the Camerabox site still being live, without a notice on it and apparently trading.

As reported previously, we requested intervention by the Administrator and this has now been done. The site now just bears the following notice:
Camerabox Limited was placed into Administration on 28 June 2011 and Martha H Thompson and David H Gilbert of BDO LLP, Kings Wharf, 20-30 Kings Road, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 3EX were appointed Joint Administrators.
If you have any queries, please contact them at the above address or email at

With respect to any unfulfilled orders, you may wish to contact your credit card provider.
All queries relating to faulty products and warranty issues should be directed to the manufacturer.

Again, we would urge any customers that have not received their orders or a refund to firstly request a chargeback from their card issuer / bank. Almost all customers that we are in contact with are receiving reimbursement by this method. The situation in terms of the business is not yet clear and the process of administration can be lengthy, so chargeback is the strongly recommended action. For those few that have not had swift attention from their bank / card issuer, please refer to the advice from Which consumer group we provided previously and be insistent – citing the numerous people that have already had their funds reimbursed and if necessary your right to complain to the Banking Ombudsman.

Although the site remained live for a time after we released the statement on 21st June  regarding cessation of trading, we have not yet found any instances of order transactions taking place in the period between then and now. If you are aware of any, please let us know.

Other Businesses / Websites Trading Under Camerabox Ltd.

Whilst we have no evidence of any transactions taking place through the  two websites below, we have urged the Administrator to clarify the position on these as a matter of urgency

Again, if anyone has evidence of orders placed after the 21st June, please notify us.

The other site that has been mentioned – www.rapidedistribution is registered to a separate business and thus falls outside our immediate remit.  It was however, changed this morning and has the message ‘under construction’ now and no other details or pages.

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