Bank security on top in consumer information security trust survey

By: Ron Condon, UK Bureau Chief

“Despite the economic turmoil of the last three years, the banks still retain public trust when it comes to looking after personal information, according to a new consumer information security attitude survey conducted by research group YouGov. By contrast, the public sector and online retailers are trusted by fewer people.”

“One company that specialises in managing online reputations is Bournemouth-based Kwikchex. Co-founder Chris Emmins said Internet-based consumer forums can be damaging to companies and their reputations, even if the companies are security conscious. “Everybody, including competitors and the odd disgruntled customer, gets on the forum,” he said. “Comments can get into Google searches very quickly, and the reputation of an online business can be smashed in a day or two. The number of complaints may be a tiny proportion of their total business, but it may be enough to wreck an online profile.”

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