Hotel has the right to defend itself over TripAdvisor allegations

Deborah Payne owner of The Riverside Hotel in Evesham, UK contacted KwikChex after TripAdvisor posted a warning on the hotel’s listing alleging review fraud.

Deborah categorically denied the allegations and said the warning was causing substantiated damage to her business.

The review website responded by releasing statements that she or people associated with the business had fraudulently posted positive reviews about the Riverside and negative reviews on a competitor’s property.

Since TripAdvisor refused to substantiate their allegations, KwikChex is assisting Deborah Payne – including commencement of legal actions.

KwikChex believes that any business should have the right to clear its name when serious allegations are made about it – and this is a right that TripAdvisor have denied the Riverside Hotel.

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