TripAdvisor Warned Over Warning

Following in the wake of actions taking place regarding the Riverside Hotel in Evesham, UK, KwikChex is taking immediate steps regarding a warning of similar action against one of our members.

The Lancers B&B in Tunbridge Wells, UK received an email from TripAdvisor threatening various punitive actions that they state could be taken against the business – click here to view full email.

KwikChex is responding on their behalf as follows:

The owners of the Lancers Bed and Breakfast, Tunbridge Wells have received the attached email alleging serious and possibly criminal impropriety on their part, namely: ‘that individuals or entities associated with or having an interest in your organization may have submitted negative reviews of your competitors with the intent to improve your position on TripAdvisor’

You have threatened punitive action, including the posting of a large red penalty notice on their listing, explaining ‘That the reviews are suspicious.’

You are formally advised as follows:

Our client completely denies such actions and requests that you provide evidence to substantiate your claims, including specific examples of said posts.
Any such actions by your company will result in an immediate legal challenge, including the right to claim damages by way of defamation actions.

We further note that the only resolution that you have offered is admittance of the alleged actions. Since they deny the allegations this is not acceptable. However, as is only right and proper, if you provide the evidence, our client will be able to respond accordingly.

Please note – preliminary investigations by KwikChex have established that Gilly Hubbard, owner of the Lancers has posted many reviews on TripAdvisor, including several regarding restaurants in Tunbridge Wells, the great majority of which are favourable. The Lancers has no restaurant or indeed licence, so does not compete with these businesses, which have been reviewed in good faith as a genuine customer.

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