KwikChex assists Times investigation into ‘blackmail’ cases on TripAdvisor

The Times has reported on cases brought to their attention by KwikChex that involve coercing business owners by threatening to publish comments on TripAdvisor.

The article features three businesses that have recently come to KwikChex for assistance.

KwikChex can confirm that they have started actions on their behalf and are grateful to the media for their help in highlighting these and other issues. 

We can also confirm that following other cases, correspondence has commenced between KwikChex and John Dila, the recently appointed Director of Customer Care for TripAdvisor. This concerns KwikChex has again written to Mr. Dila today, outlining imminent actions and requesting immediate dialogue and resolutions.

ASA Cases

With the first ASA case investigation complete, it has been confirmed that their ruling on complaints about misleading marketing is imminent – and that the second issue regarding rulings sought on the use of unsubstantiated reviews by businesses to promote themselves (citing ASA CAP code 3.45) is now officially under investigation following submission by KwikChex of a sample case.

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