What is wrong with TripAdvisor?

Credits: Tnooz
By: Chris Emmins, chief executive of KwikChex
“When KwikChex first started publicly challenging TripAdvisor, many were concerned it was an attempt to suppress freedom of speech.

Some had the impression that it was being driven by sub-standard businesses which simply couldn’t take criticism. On both accounts, nothing could have been further from the truth.

We are now about to release a report titled “What’s Wrong With TripAdvisor?” which will demonstrate the issues we encountered and explain what KwikChex has been doing, the reasons and likely results.

In the interim, with a ruling due on the first of the ASA complaints and a second investigation underway, we have been asked to explain what lay behind these actions.”

Above excerpt and read the full article on Tnooz: https://www.tnooz.com

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