TripAdvisor ordered by UK regulator to stop claiming reviews are real, honest or trusted

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‘The UK advertising regulator upheld a complaint from online reputation firm Kwikchex and two hotels which argued wording on TripAdvisor’s UK website, such as “reviews you can trust…from real travellers…and trusted advice from real travellers”, was misleading because the company could not prove reviews were genuine or from real travellers.’

Chris Emmins of Kwikchex says:
“We welcome that an independent and impartial authority has investigated this matter.It is important to make very clear that when reviews are not authenticated, there is every chance they can be faked, both positive and negative reviews.
“We want to emphasise that you can’t generalise. It is not right to cite overall scale or some sort of ‘acceptable collateral damage’, when it comes to fake reviews. There are real people and their livelihoods unquestionably being hurt very badly.”

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