TripAdvisor troll: Was restaurant reviewer from Salford just having a ‘digital tantrum’?

Credits: Manchester Evening News By: Sarah Dunn

‘Griffiths posted a stream of up to 30 detrimental online reviews on tripadvisor and other sites about The Good Life – owned by the ex partner of her husband, Adrian.’

‘She slated the vegetarian restaurant, claiming staff were ‘cold and unattentive’, ‘the vegan option wasn’t vegan’ and there were hairs in her quiche – despite never having visited the establishment.’
‘Meanwhile Chris Emmins, co-founder of KwikChex – a company which helps firms protect their reputations online – claims tripadvisor’s security measures are inadequate. He says review fraud is easy to commit and if the business is small, it can wreak appalling damage.’

‘Last month the Advertising Standards Agency banned tripadvisor from saying in its marketing material that all reviews were real, after they found it was possible for ‘non-genuine content’ to appear.’
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