Resolved Cases

A short summary of some of the cases that KwikChex has recently taken onboard and resolved.

Google Blog Online Hate Campaign Halted
A hate campaign waged against a family by a person infatuated and rejected by one of the daughters was brought to a halt by KwikChex. The family had tried in vain for 6 months to have Google remove the worst aspects – Google blogs that impersonated the parents and caused pain and suffering to the entire family. Other sites, including a WordPress blog and references on social media sites were also successfully removed after our intervention.

Racism Allegations on TripAdvisor Removed
A restaurant that had a review alleging racism by a member of staff was reported by one of our members. Whilst TripAdvisor originally refused to remove it, our investigations, which included potential submission of CCTV evidence as part of legal action, were able to resolve the case and the ‘review’ was removed.

Fake Reviews on Qype Taken Down Following Evidence Submitted by KwikChex
A small business owner attacked on Qype was unable to remedy the situation – in fact, Qype originally defended the poster and criticised the business. KwikChex were able to provide evidence that the poster had acted fraudulently, including assuming other online identities and using them to falsely attack another business. The ‘reviews’ and the comments from Qype were removed and the ‘reviewer banned.

Accusations of Theft on TripAdvisor Removed by Author
A reviewer making false accusations of theft against a Tour Operator agreed to remove the comments after contact from KwikChex. After the true circumstances were provided by KwikChex, the author agreed that the allegations were untrue and they were promptly removed.

Fake Reviews Traced Back to Competitor
An online business being subjected to a barrage of negative reviews called in KwikChex for help. We discovered that they were being placed by a competitor and in addition to having them removed, also reported the offender for this and also for placing fake positive reviews about their own business. An investigation by the authorities concerning malicious communications and acts of deception is now taking place.

French Manor House Hotel has Fake Reviews from Former Employee Removed.
An ex-employee of a beautiful French Manor house was proven by KwikChex to have left defamatory and malicious remarks on TripAdvisor. The reviews were removed and complaints made to the police.

New Quality Assurance and Resolutions Service Praised by Consumers
An online business castigated on the internet for service failures is using KwikChex to assist dissatisfied customers. Information on their website enables their customers to escalate any problems they experience, with immediate responses from KwikChex and fast resolutions. Feedback has been outstanding and the programme is now being expanded to ensure that all the company’s customers are aware of the service – and KwikChex can monitor service performance comprehensively and act accordingly.

In accordance with legal and ethical compliance, KwikChex can provide documentary evidence of resolved cases and all testimonials.

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