Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket Supporting Online Verification to Help Protect Consumers

The newly announced TrustChex resources from KwikChex will be the most reliable and fastest way to cut through the typically confusing results that consumers see in online search results.

Some sectors, such as travel and in particular timeshare are so problematical that consumers stand little or no chance in distinguishing truth from fraud. From websites that masquerade as ‘consumer advocates’ to ensnare consumers through the false promises of timeshare resale to allegations and counter allegations, the search results represent bedlam.

Thanks to key supporters such as Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket, TrustChex can provide information that will sort the paragons from the pariahs – and everything in between.

Authenticated Information

The TrustChex process of checking on businesses and websites will be fully disclosed – and in addition to KwikChex resources, we will be working with official consumer authorities and government bodies – enabling them to validate the information and to take swift action when necessary to protect consumers. There is a simple maxim – ‘Not sure about what you are seeing on the internet? Double-check it with TrustChex’

These resources, which are free to consumers, would not be possible without the support of businesses such as Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket. They know the importance of verified online information – they work in a sector (timeshare resales), which appears almost overrun by fraud and witness the consequences of that every day. Now TrustChex can, with its fully scrutinised processes, rapidly help stem the tide of rogue outfits and work with businesses prepared to commit to high standards and authenticated information.

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