Businessman sets up fake restaurant to expose failings of TripAdvisor website

Credits: The Telegraph By: Daniel Johnson

‘A businessman set up a fake restaurant with glowing reviews in a bid to expose the apparent failings of the TripAdvisor website, prompting baffled customers to be led down a backstreet alleyway.’

‘Oscar’s was billed as having “amazing” and “mind blowing” Michelin-stared food, built in the hull of an old fishing boat amid reefs and shipwrecks in Brixham, Devon.
The profile on TripAdvisor claimed staff in diving gear would swim to catch whichever fish the customer desired as part of the service.
Fake reviews dating back three months said Oscar’s – apparently run by a couple called Colette and Alfredo, with food and décor based on the world-famous Spanish restaurant elBulli – said the cooking was “simply divine” and “bordered on sorcery”.
But diners were left disappointed when they arrived at a disused alleyway full of rubbish bins.
Oscar’s creator, who uses the name Oscar Parrot, said he posted the reviews on the site after a friend’s hotel received a barrage of criticism that he suspected was from a rival hotelier.’

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